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A Test of Endurance at Dunkirk

| Steve Johnston
In Operation Dynamo, 338,000 Allied troops were evacuated from Dunkirk to England in less than 10 days, pushing the troops and the rescuers to their limits.

Is Low Congressional Approval Due to Our Ideological Divide?

| Steve Johnston
I suspected that America's ideological divide was partly to blame for low congressional approval ratings. Unfortunately, it looks like I was probably right.

Treason: Obama's Bergdahl-Taliban Raw Deal

| Steve Johnston
First, we had the Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal, then FDR's New Deal. Now, Obama brings us the Raw Deal: one Army deserter for FIVE Taliban commanders.

Global Warming Smackdown: "Big Oil" vs. "Big Corrupt Politicians"

| Steve Johnston
In the debate over man-made global warming, who has the most at stake — "Big Oil" or "Big Corrupt Politicians and Their Cronies"?

My Fundamental Transformation

| Steve Johnston
Here is my personal account of the awakening of a generation of American patriots, through Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America.